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The name's Michelle, but some call me Twi on the account of my username. I've been drawing since 5th grade. With my combined love of art and gaming, I aim to become a Video Concept Artist. I'm pretty awkward, but I admit to the dumb things I do. Like this description.

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My birthday actually turned out very well! It's a good thing I vented those thoughts, otherwise it would otherwise clouded my happy birthday!

So for my birthday, my family and I went to this Chinese restaurant and had the buffet. I filled up pretty quickly while the rest of my family ate a lot.

Then we went to see Finding Dory. I can actually relate to it in some aspects. I don't necessarily have short term memory loss (Though my memory isn't exactly good either), but I can relate to the struggles Dory had with hers. Perhaps this movie can be a positive impact to those who have mental disablities.

Of course, I had to work at the library that day (I probably should have asked it off, but at the time I made this decision, it was mainly because I wanted to avoid asking two days off). A lot of my co-workers wished me a happy birthday. I'm happy to say that I still have a knack of surprising people by just standing there. XD Let's just say there was library summer event going on and it was a scavenger hunt and some kids were being noisy. I know they're from an event, but I just thought they're were being a bit too noisy. I just stood outside the shelves looking at the group of kids. Only one of them was facing behind me, and another one of them said that someone's behind her. She turned around and let out a scream. I couldn't help but smile and just have a finger over my mouth.

Next thing that happened was actually kind of worrying. There was this little girl who was trying to contact her mom and my co-workers were trying to contact the mother through the info they had of the mom. The number we used on the computer had a person saying that they never had the daughter. I thought it was the mother so my worrying started there. The little girl then pointed that on her ticket she put in her mother's boyfriend phone number. After they found it, another co-worker pointed out that there was a car outside and a woman waiting. Turned out it was the mother, so I was relieved then. The thought of a child being abandoned at the library is actually a disturbing thought.

Afterwards, I was actually very hungry and had a nasty headache due to dehydration. Apparently, according to a co-worker, Chinese food doesn't stay very long. But I, surprisingly, got some gifts. I knew I was getting stuff for my cosplay, which is Frisk wearing the Apron (As a cape) and Tutu. ...I wanted to stand out from the other Frisks, okay!? My big sis says there's such thing as fabric paint, so we'll be using that for my Frisk's stripes and my twin's Chara cosplay (She agreed to cosplay them. It's even better since we're twins XD). But I was surprised that my family made a combined effort to get me a 2DS! My big sis and I were talking about me getting one, but I was honestly a bit hesitant. I was very greatful for this. Obviously, my first thought was getting Kid Icarus Uprising. Unfortunately, at this point, Kid Icarus is basically gone from the stores. ;^; Tomodachi wasn't there either, so no experiment on my OCs... yet. e-e So when all else fails, just get Pokemon. I got both Pokemon X and Alpha Saphire. I also got my big sis Sapphire. XD She has Y and already preordered Moon. We're still Pokemon nerds after all these years!

Then we went to Arby's because my hunger was still bad. Meanwhile, my twin and her boyfriend were preparing for smores with this fire pit we have. I just ate in the kitchen while they eat outside. They want me to be out there with them, but there weren't any good spots, even near the chair. After that, I decided to just rest for a bit since the headache was still a nasty one and I just took some Aleve. I had to be outside for them to at least eat one smore before I go in to take a shower.

The day ended with all of us, aside my dad, played Left 4 Dead and we switchd out teams between my big sis and me vs my twin and her boyfriend. My big sis and I actually used to play together a lot when it goes with co-op games, even if I sucked at it. Double Dash and L4D was just the main examples of that. Fortunatel by now, though, my headache was gone by now.

So yeah, yesterday ended up being a great day! I'm glad it did!

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Happy Birthday! Hope it will be a good one!
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