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The name's Michelle, but some call me Twi on the account of my username. I've been drawing since 5th grade. With my combined love of art and gaming, I aim to become a Video Concept Artist. I'm pretty awkward, but I admit to the dumb things I do. Like this description.

My big sis: :iconxxsusiegoesrawrxx: XxSusieGoesRawrxX

My fraternal twin: :iconxxmusic1996xx: XxMusic1996xX

Real life friends: :iconicasma:



Journal History

Stolen from :icontonythunder:Tonythunder

Rules: Answer all the questions regarding one OC.  Questions are answered by the character themself.  Tag as many as you wish!

OC's chosen: InHopesofRedemption4 by TwilightMoon1996 Idolah because the fanfiction is going to end soon, so let's have some fun with her while we still can. :') (Also some other characters will be joining in for entertainment purposes. Some are canon characters, some are my OCs.).

Warning: In Hopes of Redemption Spoilers

1. What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
Should I go back to sleep?

2. Do you believe that there’s no “i” in “team”?
I tend to wander ahead. A lot. It takes me a while to get used to my partners.

3. Have you ever run away from a dangerous situation?
Does a cock fight count?

4. Name one thing that is guaranteed to make you laugh.
Umm... Gee, this is a hard one. I want to say bad jokes, but then again, who doesn't?

5. Do you like to plan ahead?

Yori: We're lucky that I'm here to remedy that.

6. How do you kill time?
Hey! I bet 200 hearts that you wouldn't survive drinking this concotion I made with soda, guacamole, and cake icing!

Pit: Don't we share our money?

Do you want to drink this or not!? (Basically, Idolah kills most of her time by hanging out with whoever is in Palutena's temple.)

7. What is your most valued material object?
My scarf. It's... endearing. Hell, even when wearing my bathing suit, I still have it on.

8. What would your score on an IQ test? Would you agree with this score?
What's an IQ test? Is it something I have to talk to Lady Palutena about?

9. Is appearance a big deal to you?
Hell yeah it is. B') Can't afford to look like trash for my sake!

10. Can you whistle?
I know I trashed Pit on his whistling, but to be honest, I'm no better.

11. Do you prefer animals to people, vice-verse, or both?
All living things are so beatiful! I can't take it!

12. Do you take time to self-reflect at all?
A lot. I never really liked to vent all that much. You pretty much have to get me to my breaking point in order to hear what's on my mind.

13. Do you invite company to their home often?
Pit: Lady Palutena! Idolah brought home Dak Pit again!

14. Would you prefer to travel on foot, or through a faster mode of transportation?
When I want to take my time, by foot. When I have to go somehwere fast, I rely on my wings!

15. Does you make your own outfits/armor?
I have Lady Palutena and Pit on standby if I need a change. I hardly ever ask though.

16. Does you use silverware or would they rather just eat with their hands?
Silverware. I am no primate! >:,(

17. Do you snore?
I... don't know. Honestly, I'm more worried that there could be a chance that I could be sleep walking or sleep talking.

18. Which of your 5 senses are strongest?
Sight. Analyzing someone's body language and facial expressions is where I'm best at.

19. Do you change your appearance often?
I have a lot of different appearances in the fan fiction. At least I'm not wearing one outfit every day like the people here.

20. Are you well-liked?
Aphrodite: Why did you go with him!?

Charybdis: I want to eat you!

Echo: Don't tell me how to run my relationship!

Viridi: Ugh! You again!


Hiome: Need a hug?

21. Are you optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?
Okay, my state of mind depends on stability, internality, and globality. I tend to blame myself (Internality). I think I find ways to solve my problems (Stability). I don't think one flaw of mine is what defines me (Globality). So I might be realistic.

22. Do you prefer knowledge, or wisdom?
Wisdom. There are some things knowledge can't show about life.

23. Do you have to worry about money?
Palutena: If you want this weapon, you'll have to fight a little more.

Pit: But I spent my hearts donating to you!

Well, at least we don't have to spend hearts on food... right?

24. If you have friends, what are some of the qualities you have that makes them friends? If you don’t have friends, why not?
I want them to tolerate my coldness so they can see how awesome I really am!

25. Do you prefer warm weather, or cool weather?
Because of this outfit, I prefer cool weather.

26. Do you tend to hoard junk?
Yori: Dude, your room is basically a ghost town.

Better then your pig stye you call home.

Yori: I live without a goddess breathing down my neck!

Oh it's so on!!

27. Do you suffer from headaches, body aches, or the like? If so, what causes them?
Back aches on the account of the fact that my wings retract to them. Whenever I get into a passionate arguement, my wings fluff up inside my back. It gets so painful that I have to sprout my wings back out. Then no one can keep a straight face because of how fluffy my wings are.

28. Are you a trouble-maker, or a peace-keeper?
I want to be a peace keeper, but there are some things that I can't help but be aggressive.

29. What are your thoughts on the concept of slavery? (Whether it is a problem in their world or not.)
... No one should have their freedom be gone.

30. Do you have any unusual talents or abilities?
Going to the more unusual parts, let's just say I inherited some interesting powers from my mothers, the Celestial Beings of Chaos and Harmony.

31. What would be your favorite movie genre?
Hmm... I just want to watch movies that make me happy.

32. Would you be better at an obstacle course, or a standardized test?
Obstacle course! I don't have brain smarts worth of crap!

33. Are you good at lying?
I try. Pit, Eriz, and Apollo tend to be the ones who sniff me out though.

34. In high-stress situations, do you panic, or remain calm?
I have no choice but to be calm in my line of work. I just hope none of my love ones fight.

35. How many languages do you speak?
Do you want Nintendo logic or the realistic logic?

36. Why/how did you learn more than one language? If you only know one language, why is that?~
*(Pit, I think Lady Palutena changed the language again!)
*in Japanese

37. Are you easily distracted?
Boy! The moon sure looks pretty tonight!

Parthenope: Idolah! We got work to do!

38. When you're feeling down, what/who keeps you going?
*blushes, then looks away*

39. Are you selfish?
Aren't we all selfish in our own ways?

I hope I'm not too selfish.

40. Do you look down at the ground while you're walking, or do you look forward?
I do a mix. I tend to look down when I'm thinking.

41. Do you like hugs?

Hiome: So you want the hug?

42. Are you patient? Why or why not? 
In general, no. If I grow familiar with a person however, I tend to be more patient because I know them, thus making me not want to hurt their feelings.

43. Would you ever prank anyone? Who?
Not really. I don't like being pranked myself.

44. What is your main goal right now?
Not die!

45. Do you have any pet-peeves?
Why the hell do the girls always fall for the bad boys!? That's not a healthy relationship!

Yori: What about Dark Pit?

Okay, first of all...!

46. Do you ever think about their future?
With this prophecy hanging on my head, I tend to think about it a lot. But before that, I never did think about my future.

47. Have you ever compromised your beliefs? If yes, why? If not, would they ever?
There is good in evil!

Hades: *shows up*


48. What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
I got to kick Gregory's sorry butt!

Pit: But you almost killed him.

Oh yeah.

49. Do you like storms?
When living with Eriz and Harmonia, there was basically no sound at all outside the temple. When I began to live as a human and heard my first storm, I was terrified! Despite the fact that I live above the clouds, I find myself growing nervous whenever I hear thunder near by.

50. What are your middle and last names?
Idolah Hopes Redemption!

Harmonia: Stop lying!!

Eriz: Sorry. We don't have a family name so Idolah's full name is literally just Idolah.
  • Mood: Optimism

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